Are You Ready to Graduate?


Get off the Bus!

If your child is 13 years old, and cannot yet find his or her own way to the neighborhood school, the problem that needs to be solved cannot be solved at school.  So, why is our Board of Education wasting $17 million per year to guarantee free bus transportation for grades K-12, when, at least some of that money can go into educating our kids and improving our SAT scores to be competitive with the parochial schools that, on average, are beating our students by 150 points?

If your child is 17 years old and needs you to speak to a college recruiter about his or her college plans–if the only reason that our kids are taking algebra and Latin before high school is so that they can have something to boast about at a cocktail party, and that education is not translating into tangible results towards getting them into a good school, our kids are not failing–We are failing our kids.

Recess is over.  School is in session.

#GetOffTheBus, #StopBeingStupid, #ExpectMiracles, #Honest

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